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Emergentes, exhibition at Laboral centro de Arte, november 16, Gijón, Spain
Visualizar Proyect ,
data visualization workshop: Bestiario / Ben Fry / Medialab Matadero Madrid, 12-28 november, Madrid, Spain
BioCollage withBelén Adamo, life beings creation workshop based on physical and digital collage, at Laboral centro de Arte, 1-2 december, Gijón, Spain
Transitio_mx 02, conference and workshop, 13-19 october, México D.F., México


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The true about antipodes



A non-linear zapping through del.icio.us accounts (type an account and navigate it), a path leading to the inside of a web of relations, a web that can be explored from one tag to a site, to another tag, to another site... The lack of interactivty of the work can be seen as a neurosis of the application itself, simulating a frantic navigation through the web. This project was comissioned by lx20 [www.lisboa20.pt/lx20], from Lisboa20 Gallery.



Hipercontrol^3 is a data navigation machine. The data that confine the space contains 3000 links originated from 3 http://del.icio.us webpages. These web-pages constitute an investigation based on 3 axis: disorientation, subjectivity/control, video-surveillance for the Zemos98 exhibition.



Interactive and visual model of artifical life. It is possible to codify mitozoos and to study its evolution. Mitozoos search for food in order to survive and, eventually, to reproduce  (combining their codes). Mitozoos was designed and developed by Bestiario.


{b.} bestiario

Bestiario (bestiary in english) is a team gathered to create projects based on a net of collaborators. The common goal is to make complexity visible, as well as understandable, making information interactive.



Two words together are more than enough to produce narratives, reflections, theories, arbitrariness, poetry, humour....spheres are spaces of accumulative writing based on the relation one word has with another.


Sound and energy

11 sonorous games: surface creates sound, movement synthesizers, sonorous glass,  elastic and armonic  physical models, sound landscapes, binaural sound, entropy, combining and random, juggling with the microphone....


Microcosm for Gaia -education and research project-

A journey throughout time and scales. Research project on visualizing spatial and transitory information including the tiniest and the biggest scales. The project is on the stage of creating prototypes. [Luis Rico, Santiago Ortiz, Lynn Margulis]



gramatrama is a net-text. There are multiple ways to navigate amongst related sub-texts.On the inferior left side there is a small net navigation space where the word turns into draw (writing, gesture) and bifurcation.


GNOM research project

Research project on digital and physical visualization interfaces, experimentation and wander with genetic interaction nets. [Luis Rico, Santiago Ortiz]


Edgardo´s brain (the inventor of stories)

Edgardo tells stories endlessly. Narrative appears from a random algorithm passing over a grammatical semantic net combining words and preserving a correct use of grammar. But, what he is actually saying, does it have any sense?


Argentinian bacteria. Story teller bacteria ecological net.

Taking as a starting point the narrative structure from “Edgardo´s brain” I have modeled a trophic net (ecological net where some are fed by others). The text works as a genetic code, because it defines the properties each individual has andcombines them all over again, each time an individual eats another one.



A game based on  the construction of three dimensional volumes with the parts and the real time visualization of  diedric projections.


Diorama: investigations concerning complexity, code, life and language.

diorama is a relational net of concepts, texts, images, interactive applications, links and references in a navigable space. Contents give place to a heap of information and to a reflection regarding language and codes.


Límites (Limits)

A couple of days before I turned 30, I made this little word´s watch based on a poem with an open mechanism which J.L. Borges wrote when he was about to turn 50.


Trees made of texts, a self generated calligram and fractal

A very simple exercise where texts turn into trees using language´s fractal qualities.


sólo viento (just wind), a poem by José Antonio Millán [jamillan.com]


all there is to say can be said the right way with a simple sentence (todo lo que se puede decir se puede decir bien con una simple frase.


Self portrait


Ant bear

Genetic Algorithm. Choose the offspring of an ant bear. Decide which genetic features are adaptive. Small evolutive algorithm.


Colors throughout time

Genetic algorithm, similar to the ant bear; in this case,  more than selecting a configuration, it is possible to determine the genetic variability.



He is ugly and he doesn´t like the cursor. It is one of my first experiments. (2000). (drawing by Melba Escobar).



Studying movements which were organized with a complexity criteria.


Social model of atraction and rejection

A model of Autonomous agents with independent forces based on atraction and rejection indicators. Characters illustration: Rosario Charuca.


Movement sinthesizer

Three dimensional routes based on frequency synthesis. In Ki2D (SOUND section) a musical application of this moving system can be seen. On each axis, routes are made by building cyclical waves in exactly the same way sound is synthesized.


Conical projection

Interactive experience helpful to understand conical projection. With the collaboration of Kike Rivera [d-noise.net] on the three dimensional modelling.


Delimited projection

Interactive experience helpful to understand delimited projection (level curves).


Q+G (Quiasma+GNOM). Installation

Chiasma: Celebration and conflict in Colombia. GNOM: genetic interaction net  in Escherichia Coli bacteria. Similar interfaces for different topics. [presented on ARS Electronica Festival, Hybrid: living in paradox, Linz, Austria, 2005]


juego doble (double game): two ecosystems. Exhibition

Two artifical life systems coexist influencing one another. Two installations, done by two artists (Florence Gouvrit and me) who approach artificial life from different points of view, and create a major ecosystem including the two pieces, the exhibition room and its visitors. [Centro Cultural de España, Mexico D.F. February 4-March 27, 2005]


Quiasma. Installation

Developed by Santiago Ortiz, Clemencia Echeverri, Bárbara Santos and Andrés Burbano. A trip through different celebrations all over the colombian territory, a territory in tension.

[exhibited in ISEA 2004, Tallin, 2004, and installed in Banquete_05, Madrid, 2005]


Coprolalia. Interactive Installation

Information might cause us a dyspepsia. Our brain works in a similar way to our stomach (or viceversa), both of them have to process, mix, store, recycle and  expel. In our minds, memories of the highest literature coexist with the most indecent jokes. [installation in the Centre + Media, México D.F., 2004]


The inventor of Stories, complexity, code, language. Individual Exhibition

Exhibition, installation, multimedia and open laboratory. The inventor of stories is a net articulating texts, images (reproductions and photography) as well as digital, visual, and interactive installations. Along four walls, all these elements are weaved together to put into evidence some connections among them and to suggest a way to wander around randomly. During the exhibition, several conferences, seminars and debates will take place with the participation of artists, scientists and humanists. [exhibition, Medialab Madrid, 2004]


The inverted gaze. Installation produced with the European Institut of Design.

Three stages concur: real stage, virtual stage and  participation stage. In a classical car by now (Fiat Regatta) it is possible to travel on a virtual context where objects and human beings gave shape to space due to the work of a group of people who mold it according to  the XXth century icons. [installation (Fiat Regatta+6 computers), Cultural Centre Conde Duque, Madrid, 2004]





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