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[portugués: a esfera das relações| español: la esfera de las relaciones]

The sphere of relations is a space of stimulation and participation. It is an invitation for poetry-based text and the humour of relations. The randomness and the arbitrary selection of words stimulate the creativity.

If you want to rotate the sphere:

1. Drag the cursor with the click-button of the mouse.

If you want to write:

1. Select two words from the sphere.

2. What relation is there between them? Write whatever you like.

3. Send your text, it will live forever in the sphere.

If you want to read:

1. Explore the sphere, and select two words.
2. When there are relations between the two words, they will appear.


What words are there in the sphere?

They are words randomly selected from the dictionary. There are about 150 words in the sphere, but if one of the words does not relate with another after a certain time, a new word will be selected. (the sphere is alive).

How many relations exist in the sphere?

If there are 150 words, the number of possible relations is 149+148+147+…11250. The sphere is like an ocean in which there is an infinite number of possibilities.

The sphere of relations will be displayed in the exhibition and interactive installation “The Inventor of Stories”, in Medialabmadrid [www.medialabmadrid.org] between April 14th and May 16th . 2004.

On the next page you will find the complete information on the exhibition: The Inventor of Stories [www.medialabmadrid.org/inventor]

The sphere of relations is a Project created by Santiago Ortiz [www.moebio.com], with the collaboration of Julia Burns in translation.